Sponsor an Animal


Sponsor an Animal was created to benefit all the animals at Healing Hearts. When you sponsor an animal, your donation is used to benefit Healing Heart as an organization – and that in turn helps all of the animals in its care.

Some animals are adopted quickly and some, who may be a little harder to place, stay at Healing Hearts for a longer period of time, or even for the rest of their natural life. Unfortunately, when they come to us, many of our animals need significant medical attention immediately.

All donations will go directly for vet visits, medication, food, bedding, treats and anything else that may be needed to help those abused, abandoned and neglected animals lucky enough to find them in the loving arms of Healing Hearts.

You can sponsor a pet in memory of or in honor of someone. It’s a wonderful way to remember a beloved person or pet. It also makes a nice gift for an animal-lover. All sponsorships, are tax deductible as we are a 501 (c )(3) corporation. And, if you prefer, you may sponsor a pet anonymously.

Sponsor an Animal Now!